Data Policy

contact_mail Please contact us via

polly [at] tropos [dot] de

PollyNET data and related products (quicklooks and images) can be used free of charge and we are happy providing support to the users.

Notice to users

Each PollyNET site has Principal Investigator(s) (PI), responsible for deployment, maintenance and data collection. The PI has priority use of the data collected at the site. The PI is entitled to be informed of any use of that site's data.

PollyNET raw data is available on request from the respective PI or the PollyNET team (see contact_mail contact) for which an additional agreement might be needed.

Mandatory guidelines for data use and publication:

  • Using PollyNET data or plots (also for presentations/workshops):
    • Please consult with the PI or the PollyNET team (see contact_mail contact) before using data or plots! This will help to avoid misinterpretations of the lidar data and avoid the use of data from periods of malfunction of the instrument.
    • Using PollyNET images/data on external websites: PIs and PollyNET must be asked for agreement and a link directed to must be included.
  • Publishing PollyNET data and/or plots data:
    • Offer authorship for the PI(s)!
    • Acknowledge projects which have made the measurements possible according to PI(s) recommendation.

PollyNET requests a notification of any published papers or reports or a brief description of other uses (e.g., posters, oral presentations, etc.) of data/plots used from PollyNET. This will help us determine the use of PollyNET data, which is helpful in optimizing product development and acquire new funding for future measurements. It also helps us to keep our product-related references up-to-date.